African drum circle

African drum circle

African drum circle

The group sets in a circle with the djembees (traditional drums of the West of Africa). You have to follow the instructions of the leader in order to learn how to play the drums and to make some songs and singing them! The African percussion is based in the communication. For that, we use as a tool the “talking” of the drums. So for playing as a team you have always to listen what the other do to get a result of excellence while you enjoy it!


  • The activity is led by a Senegales musician and his team. It permits the participants to connect with the traditional music, developed as a game and a team work.

Benefits of the activity

  • It improves the working atmosphere and the quality of relations between the participants, which is a fundamental basis for a company to progress.
  • It improves the capacity of your memory.
  • Boosts team skills. Playing an instrument requires you to work with other musicians. 
  • Learning to play an instrument teaches you patience and perseverance.
  • The art of playing an instrument enhances your coordination. 
  • It exposes to cultural history taking into account which kind of music you play.
  • It sharpens your concentration.
  • It encourages the participants and releases their creative and inventive energies, improving their results thanks to their new ideas.
  • It promotes your social and listening skills.
  • It teaches you discipline and at the same time reduces the stage fright, because you are not alone.
  • The consequence of the above is a benefit for the person because you feel happy in your life and with those around you; so this is also a benefit for the company.

Optional services

It includes

  • the drums
  • 3 musicians




  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English