Create your own garden or urban orchard in your company

Create your own garden or urban orchard in your company

Create your own garden or urban orchard in your company

The participants will build and plant an urban orchard in the area outside their office; it may be a rooftop terrace or balcony / garden / terrace or the orchard can be created in flower pots that the participants can take with them home. Inés Mtez. de Albornoz, a landscape architect and biologist, gives you the guidelines about organic and sustainable gardening; explaining the ecological and social benefits. She tells you about certain rules for caring for the plants. This allows the company to have what is known as a “corporate orchard” like other companies such as Google, Yahoo and Sunset magazine or other well-known companies in Silicon Valley.


  • Design of the shape and system care guidelines, preparation of the soil, selection of the plants, planting and watering them.

Benefits of the activity

  • It creates a feeling of belonging in the work place.
  • It develops abilities that can be applied to all office and home tasks.
  • It promotes the worker’s loyalty to the company.
  • It transmits the value of sustainability from a social, environmental and economic perspective.
  • Physically, it improves the heart’s health and decreases the risk of a heart attack. It helps eliminate stress and increases self-esteem. It strengthens the muscles used in gardening. It improves the brain’s health and decreases the risk of Alzheimer. It regulates the immune system, avoids depression and maintains mental health. It improves the satisfaction of living and develops sensibility.
  • To sum up, if people are comfortable at work, they will be more proactive and collaborative and the company will have better results.

Optional services

It includes

  • Material


  • Office or as agreed


  • Continuity planning


  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English


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