The group splits in different subgroups. Each one, with the help of the graffiti artist, makes a graffiti related with the theme chosen or with the Company. Altogether, they design and produce with their sprays the graffiti. They have to choose the roles of the participants. In addition to this, they have to work their creative and artistic side in order to be inspired. Also, they need their inspration to sign the graffiti. Barcelona is the ideal city to make this kind of acivity. It is one of the best to appreciate this urban art. You can see it at any corner. And you can create one!


  • The idea is to create among all the participants an artwork that can be exhibited in their office. So they can remember always that they have made it together, collaborating, communicating ones to others… and they have been successful. The participants make their best and show themselves as they truly are.

Beneficios de la actividad

  • It improves the working atmosphere and the quality of relations between organisations, which is a fundamental basis for a company to progress.
  • It encourages the participants and releases their creative and inventive energies, improving their results thanks to their new ideas.
  • It increases self-esteem and leads to better and closer communication. It soothes, calms and increases patience and arouses sensitivity.
  • It develops the skills to solve problems.
  • The consequence of the above is a benefit for the person and for the company.


  • Material to create the graffiti
  • Artist and assistants

Not included

  • Space




  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English


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