Healthy cooking workshop

Healthy cooking workshop

Healthy cooking workshop

The group is divided into subgroups and everyone has a shot at cooking…the menu for today! The chef gives the group members the recipe for cooking each dish, as a guide, but each group can add its own secret touch… They also receive documents indicating the health benefits of all the ingredients used, to make them aware of what they are eating. When all the food has been cooked within the stipulated time, the members of the group are allowed to taste it. Bon appetit and good health!


  • To create a menu together, through mutual collaboration, as a common objective. To create a good work atmosphere and to enjoy delicious and healthy food.

Benefits of the activity

  • It strengthens creativity and self-esteem because making an effort is an act of self-esteem, for us and for others.
  • It builds self-confidence for carrying out tasks independently.
  • As the food is home-made, it has fewer calories and is healthier.
  • It relaxes and releases work tensions. And, depending on the movements, it burns calories.
  • Cooking as a team allows people to be sociable and creates cooperative ties and team cohesion.

Optional services

It includes

  • Material
  • Lunch / dinner (menu as agreed)

It does not include

  • Room (venue to be agreed, depending on the characteristics of the group)


  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English


  1. Healthy cooking workshop

    Healthy cooking workshop, The group is divided into subgroups and everyone has a shot at cooking...!

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