Music, Karaoke with a band: “Be a rock star!”

Music, Karaoke with a band: “Be a rock star!”

Music, Karaoke with a band: “Be a rock star!”

Be a rock star! Imitating the artist that you prefer and totally characterised, always with the help of the band front singer and with the help for the lyrics of the chosen song and synchronised with the music, an assured outcome! The band is composed by 3 or 4 musicians (the song will sound the same as in the priginal recording, not a version) so it makes easier for the participants, the front singer is cheering and at the same time helping with the attrezzo. Aprt from that, there will be a little show to present the band with the masgnetic singer Carla Habermeyer!


  • Working individually and at the same time, collaborating with the rest of the team to create a show together. To ensure that all the participants enjoy the process and share the best of each one with the rest.

Benefits of the activity


  • In social and emotional terms, it allows you to create a feeling of community. Singing in harmony with the rest creates motivation.
  • It helps to create unity. It improves listening, concentration and memory skills.
  • It increases self-esteem and trust.
  • It creates empathy and helps you appreciate others, even though they are different from you.
  • Physically, it reduces stress and anxiety and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • It helps to improve the motor system and coordination.



Optional services

It includes

  • Material for the attrezzo
  • Biombo




  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English


  1. Karaoke with a band

    We teach the group series of movements, taking into account whether they are men or women and the kind of music they are listening to. Then, we mix everything, music and all the participants and we dance altogether!

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