Leadership and team management with human towers

Leadership and team management with human towers

Leadership and team management with human towers

The activity starts with a brief presentation and history of “human towers”. It includes a technical explanation of different elements, how the festivities are organised and the structure and inner workings of a “colla castellera”. Then, the team creates a “colla” by selecting a leader and its technical team. They form the “enfaixada” and the role-play starts. Rehearsal of the three parts of the castle: core (organisation of the core), trunk (techniques for climbing up and down) and rehearsal of the “pom”. Making a “tower”. Once you achieve it, there is a celebration!


  • There are some components in the “human towers” world that can be applied to companies in order to improve their functioning, no matter what size the company is. It is a tool that shows: the existence of a clear leader accepted and respected by the others; the creation of an atmosphere of trust; the accomplishing of the tasks, functions and responsibilities of each member and teamwork; and recognition of the importance of individual and global work.

Benefits of the activity

  • Team work.
  • Group commitment.
  • Tolerance.
  • Generosity and a wish to excel.

Optional services

It includes

  • Material


  • As agreed


  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English
  • French


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