Gardening for obtaining your fruits

Gardening for obtaining your fruits

There are moments where you start something new or if there are changes that are somewhat difficult. What matters is to integrate them, accept them and take an apprenticeship.

There is always a time when if you think that what you do is not going to yield results or you feel that you don’t do anything different but it’s because you don’t see the result.

Trust in oneself and in others and to do things with feeling is what allows you to grow, prosper… (either on a personal level as on a project). All this combined with willingness gives you a positive result.

We must sow / plant, have to pay attention to details, raising “the plant” with love and then, get the reward.

El Factor Pink has been created slowly with care and love, taking care of the small details. And one day, talking with Inés Martínez de Albornoz, now a collaborator of El  Factor Pink, we conclude that the metaphor we are talking about could be reality and carry out through an activity related to gardening or floral cultivation.

We thought that we can literally plant vegetables, flowers and make corporate teams to take care of them with love. And as you take care of a plant is how you you should take care of yourself, your environment and the people who accompany you in day to day. This is how everyone goes benefit and happier lives.

Keywords: teamwork, communication, affection, harmony, perseverance…all to achieve good results together. These fruits can be consumed by the very people who have been breeding them. “What  better way to share the good results and moments with mates!” Inés and I thought. This results in loyalty.

Surrounding yourself with nature and enjoy it in the workplace is no longer just a matter of privilege. Things change for the better… and personal well-being and in the workplace are already linked … And we love it! Gardening for obtaining fruits…




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