Integration, not exclusion

Integration, not exclusion

After these turbulent days where hatred, rage, anger, and above all, fear is what it seems some want to prevail for interest; just comes into my mind that another world is possible.

The key is the union of the people. We are all human beings with the same basic concerns, as I said in my first post: “The Union”.

No matter what race, religion, social class or position within an organization we have, we all seek peace and happiness. Leave aside the fears and show what’s inside our hearts. We hide feelings and emotions for fear of being damaged, criticized… The world can change if we contribute with two cents in our immediate surroundings. If you treat the one that is at your side with empathy, joy, helping … the other people gets it well and it is very likely that they answer in the same way.

Why not trying these little changes that create a positive difference? For a better personal and professional atmosphere; and ultimately, a better world for all. Integrating not excluding, changing the way we relate, assess what other people can bring and above all, uniting we can do it!

From El Factor Pink, we stand in solidarity with all those who are suffering either by terrorism, wars, poverty, discrimination, and we want to contribute in our surrounding, what we know, in order to create change for creating together a better world. We can all bring something of ourselves.

Our activities promote such empathy, collaboration and communication and especially the integration and union, which are lacking today and that some are already starting to promote. Everyone can add up.  Just see all Richard Branson’s posts, founder of Virgin Group, great model to follow, he says: “Customers are not first, employees come first.  And if you take care of them, they will take care of your customers”. If you’re happy, you’re changing your personal and work surrounding. Happy staff: Happy business: great results.

Integration is the solution, not exclusion. Happy change!