Music brings joy to the soul

Music brings joy to the soul

We return to the office, to the routine … Our faces may be a little gray, too … we blend ourselves with the environment. The ray of light comes when someone tunes a cool radio or someone puts your favorite playlist and in the background a melody reminiscent of the summer sounds, holidays, or any time of the year in which we have enjoyed. I always thought that I would have a music accompanying me in my life, a soundtrack that makes me happy all times of the day.

Just today I read one sentence from this that circulate on the Internet that “One of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain is music.” It is proven that music brings joy to the soul, people, as listening to soothing music reduces stress, strengthens health (as it strengthens the heart rate and lowers blood pressure). It also stimulates the brain as it enhances the ability to concentrate for longer, and promotes a calm state. Not only causes increased well-being and creativity, but the effect lasts even after the music has stopped playing. The music also brings together people who share a similar passion. It helps to know each other with fluent communication and unites groups.

That’s why, thinking about the benefits that produces listening to music and enjoying this we have thought of creating something related to it. And … why not go a step further? Engage participants in the activity and let them sing! They say “who sings scares away his woes”, so you have to take advantage of the benefits of music and singing. This is how we create together with Carla Habermayer, professional singer, several activities of singing. You should see how people enjoy and opens to their colleagues, clients, etc. and share moments of relaxation, communication flows, the sense of community creates, integrates and enhances self-esteem… Moreover, we also create another activity but now with a more advanced level… instead of a performance, going to a professional studio and recording a song. What a professionalism and which memory for all!!

When I see people enjoying and being happy, I’m glad of this project in which I am engaged, in order to put my two cents in change in the company culture. Happy teams, big results for the company.


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