The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit

The end of the year is approaching and leaving aside the religious roots of the holidays, it exists what is known as the “Christmas Spirit “.

Following the spirituality of this time the cultural and artistic legacy remains; but above all, a deeply human values ​​linked to spirituality have led to traditions and ceremonies that bring out the best in human beings, the best of each one.

You may remember the story that happened during World War II, when on December 25, the fight was stopped so that the two sides could celebrate Christmas in peace.

It is scientifically proven that the Christmas spirit is the will of all to be in peace and harmony and also to help others. The fact of helping others and feeling good about yourself creates a sense of peace and happiness.

It is also a meditating and introspection time and to be more with your family. It is time to pass on to the new components of the family positive values.

It is a time where people open their hearts to others, are more lenient with themselves and with others, are more communicative… and all this creates an atmosphere of unity, of identification with the values ​​of others, of the company. It is very favorable atmosphere for creating, making dynamic teams; also to make approaches between business and customers or potential customers. Everyone feels very close to each other and you can see that we are not so different.

The activities that El Factor Pink , team activities offers are well suited to enhance the “Christmas spirit ” at this time but also throughout the year!

The objectives of our activities are to enhance the “humanity”, collaboration between people, building trust, communication, union, motivation and a good work atmosphere. We strengthen the skills of the people and not rule otherwise integrate all participants through activities that bring out the best of each one and together, the objectives are achieved . We do not believe in creating competitive exclusion. Everyone adds, everyone has something to contribute and if they feel valued, always do more for the project. A higher number of happy employees and customers, major objectives achieved with better effectiveness and quality!

Feel the holiday spirit during these dates that are coming and all year! Isn’t it what your heart yearns for?