The passion

The passion

What is the passion?

Looking up the meaning of passion at Collins dictionary on its website I have seen there are different definitions but I take “ardent love or affection”; “a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc”; “any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc”; “the object of an intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm”; and “an outburst expressing intense emotion”.

I stand to make this reflection after hearing this word in several moments and I realise that its use is very wide.

Just writing these words, listening to the radio, I hear on the radio that an artist has followed his passion: dance. So as I believe in signs, I think I’m on the right way.

It all started when I was with a director of the event industry and she explained me that for a year she didn’t feel passion for her work and had even become sick. This was the reason why she  finally decided to follow what dictated his heart and pursue what fascinated her. That made me  think that there are many people in this situation but their fears prevent them from following the path that makes them happy. I did it, perhaps without thinking much, but knowing that my place was not where I was at that time. I remembered the phrase “Make your passion your profession” and that’s what I tried to do.

Just over a month ago, a friend of mine was in the hospital and when I went to visit her she was asleep. I went for a while and when I came back she said the magic word “I slept with passion” and I was surprised by this powerful expression that I had never heard before. A couple of weeks ago, some friends also told me they had “eaten with passion”. I have always heard eating with anxiety but I found much more beautiful the expression with the word passion; and even with a more positive note, it suggested me love for food.

Other times the word passion crossed me ultimately is the Passion of Christ, in this last week. And my friends of Las Cinco organised the party “The Passion” in Razzmatazz disco, during Easter. It was then when I said, I definitely have to talk about this subject.

Working, doing something you’re passionate about is what moves you every day. Without that, there is no joy, no happiness, nothing gets you to take action forward. Follow what the heart dictates is critical, although the reason always indicate what is the way forward. So the passion of the heart united with the reason is the most powerful tool that we have to simply live fully. Elizabeth Taylor said: “Follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come.”

Another coincidence is happening as I write these lines, I’m listening online, through Radio 3, the presentation of the new album the group La habitación roja “Sagrado Corazón” (Sacred Heart). They are telling phrases that resonate me as “We followed the impulses of the heart above reason” to make this new record or “Take out the bonds to love”, “transform the negative into positive”… Something in the way of doing things is changing in this society. There is hope!

Not to leave out the passion associated with romantic love. I read sentences like “Passion is the feeling that when burning becomes rough and when loving becomes soft “.  In short, everything is related to the heart. Little by little we open our hearts and appreciate what is really important in our lives. We are letting us feeling and seeing that life is short. And realising that we have to do what makes one feel good, follow our passion and stop pretending .