The Unity

The Unity

One morning in January I had a coffee with the digital artist Dolors Manrubia, collaborator in El Factor Pink. At that time the project had no name or brand. I explained her what it consisted on and the values that I wanted to transmit ​​and work. Among them, the unity: to be a team, looking for a common goal. Moreover, I told her that I wanted everything to have my essence. A good Brazilian friend of mine always say that I am very “Pink”, it is what defines me, I am happy, loving … and I like to pass it on to others. That evening I went to do an organizational constellation with another of my partners, Cristina Fusté. There the theme of my essence came out again and that I had to be very present. When I got home at night, I had received an email from Dolors. She had begun to paint and meanwhile my words were echoing inside her: intuition, joy, creativity, collaboration, well-being, union… And there came an inspiration and she sent it to me. Without saying anything about my “pink” essence, she embodied it perfectly, a fucshia pink moving circle. It symbolises the unity, the infinity, also the female part, the meeting of equals, etc. And it seemed to me perfect. From there the whole idea of ​​the name and brand started. Gràcies Dolors!

They say that we are all connected. There is even the theory of six degrees of separation that says that any person is connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. Throughout my life I have found many connections with many people from different parts of the world. I also realised that they want us to believe that we are very different one to other because of the culture, the language, the religion… But it is not true. Everyone has the same basic concerns, feelings, emotions and challenges in life. I have experienced situations unimaginable to me that show the degree of connection we have with others. I think we are one in reality. Therefore,what I can think, decide and do can influence others, because we are all connected. If we apply this to our immediate environment and, in this case, work … What if we worked positively, working in a transparent manner, collaborating for a common goal? I think it would be best for the company, because great results would be achieved, and for the workers because everyone would be satisfied and faithful to the project. No competition, fights, nerves … Everything would be more fluid and the results would be optimal.

This is what we get with the activities proposed by El Factor Pink. Activities related to dance, music, painting, floral and vegetable art, healthy cooking… Well-being activities, such as learning to breathe and relax, to live positively and to trust to grow and organisational constellations. Thanks to teamwork, our motivational activities, team building, foster unity and above mentioned values. With our activities we create new kinds of leaders, new relationships between colleagues or clients, being aware that we are one…and it’s time to collaborate!

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