What we do?


We organise activities related to well-being, the spirit of collaboration and the development of values such as: intuition, creativity, empathy, relationships with others, joy, emotionality, perception, life flow and self-esteem. Traditionally, teamwork cohesion and interactivity… have been considered from the competitive point of view to achieve an aim and so on, based on mental and masculine processes. Nowadays, scientists and other social and spiritual movements are discovering that the mental facet is important, but less so than the intuitive facet.


Intuition shows you the path, and your mind tells you how to follow it. Therefore, they must work in coordination. That is why the objectives of our activities are the ones described above; and in addition, greater development of the right brain hemisphere and not the left one (as team activities normally do). Activities of this kind are focused on logic and reason… as traditional teaching does. We want to concentrate on the female part of people, thereby allowing a person to individually establish a balance between both sides. This will improve the quality of that person’s work and furthermore, it will benefit team work due to the positive atmosphere and excellent communication. All of this leads to great results.


Thanks to my experience of almost 15 years years in the MICE market (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events), along with my other passion, alternative therapies, and a team of of specialised collaborators, we organise corporate activities with considerable professionalism and care.

The aim of these activities is to implement the collaboration, to achieve different attributes such as creativity, empathy and well-being (on a group and an individual basis).

This makes the person feel more at ease in the created atmosphere, and they will more easily reveal their true nature and open themselves up to the rest of their colleagues, collaborators, clients and vice versa. A series of bonds is created that permit greater and better quality productivity, and also a better working atmosphere and less stress for the person. In short, better results!

Customer profile

Event and meeting agencies, incentive houses and DMCs

  • Corporate teams
  • Business tourists
  • Meetings and events
  • Incentive trips
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