Who are we?


El Factor Pink is a company which organises motivational and team building activities that goes one step further. We create and offer corporate activities but with a new objective:

  1. APART FROM ACHIEVING COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING: We carry out promotion and building activities, to ensure you have a good time with your clients, sales team, etc.
  2. WE ALSO ACHIEVE INDIVIDUAL WELL-BEING: We ensure that these people also feel good individually.


Carolina Sánchez, El Factor Pink


CEO and entrepreneur of El Factor Pink, team activities. Degree in Tourism, specialising in MICE tourism. A Reiki master, crystal therapist and dancer. “When I was four years old I started classic dancing classes, and then progressed to jazz, African and oriental dance. I studied Business Studies and I had the opportunity to attend the Erasmus programme in London. There I discovered other cultures and religions. I learnt that we are one and more similar than we think. On my return to Barcelona, I studied Tourism and I started working in this market. As a group and incentives manager I had the chance to travel to South East Asia and I fell in love with those countries and their people. Then, as a representative of different incoming companies I continue travelling and growing. At that point in time, I decided to start Reiki and experiment different methods of self-awareness. Finally, after working as an event manager, I decided to create El Factor Pink, team activities. The project is a combination of my experience, my knowledge and my hopes. Would you like to share this project? Together we can create the new teams of the future! “.


Carlota Llobet
CEO and entrepreneur of YKRECE, and a teacher of Kundalini yoga and therapeutic yoga. She is passionate about “The World of Sensations” and the Art of Yoga: “which has helped me to contact with who I really am. I help people to connect with themselves so that they can live the life they really want to live”.


Dolors Manrubia
An artist, with academic training in Digital Art and a Degree in Physics.


Carla Habermeyer

Graduate in Tourism and a professional singer https://www.facebook.com/CarlaHabermeyer

Cristina Fusté
Graduate in Law by the UNED. PNL Master Practitioner. Trained in Organisational Constellations, Systemic Coaching, Systemic and Family Constellation management. She has a passion for travelling and is a business area expert, in addition to being aware of the need to integrate the human facet in organisations.


Oliver Sharpe
Head Chef at Salsa Verde with experience at the Hilton and La Florida hotels in Barcelona and with famous restaurateurs such as Jean Louis Neichel and Jean Luc Figueras. Apart from that, he is a chiropractic massage therapist, reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.


Inés Mtez. de Albornoz
CEO & entrepreneur of De Buena Planta. Landscape architect and biologist. Bass guitarist in the band La célula durmiente.


Jordi Vericat, Kako
Musician. When he was 6 years old, he started studying harmony and piano. In the ’94 he decided to switch from the piano to the bass guitar. He has played with Clandestinos, Los Bisontes, Generación OT, Marcos Llunas, Manuel Carrasco… He has collaborated with Dani Flaco, Manu Guix, Mónica Green, Dyango, Beth, Soraya…and participated in the recording of albums of artists such as La Puerta de los Sueños, David Civera and Kyke Serrano https://joanalbertandkakomusic.com/
Ignacio Alonso
Shareholder in Different coaches. A sociologist, political scientist and coach. He is keen on the cinema: “For me it’s a magical experience to see, live and feel in the world from another perspective”. Accepting and acknowledging others is the base of his work as a coach.